Twitter for BlackBerry v3.0.0.19 (Beta)

Posted on March 31, 2012


Setelah merilis versi beta Twitter for BlackBerry v3.0.0.16, hari ini RIM kembali merilis versi beta Twitter for BlackBerry v3.0.0.19. Versi ini merupakan versi perbaikan dari versi sebelumnya berdasarkan info dari peserta Beta Zone sebelum nantinya akan dirilis secara official.Di versi 3 ini Twitter for BlackBerry memperbaiki banyak hal, diantaranya adalah sudah terintegrasi dengan BBM.

Fixed issues in Twitter for BlackBerry v3.0.0.19:
– Stuck on loading when you first enter the app and scroll directly to the bottom

Known issues in Twitter for BlackBerry v3.0.0.19:

  • Profiles – Twitpic not loading on when viewing profile with BIS Social SIM
  • Sign In Screen – Username field on the sign up page should force English characters
  • User Interface – Text is truncated when rendering in portrait orientation
  • User Interface – Timeline is broken. Jumped from 1h ago back to 42mins ago.
  • Scrolling Issue when using a theme
  • If user enters the Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones application via messages, when they click any buttons nothing happens
  • “Token retrieval failed” error received when logging into Twitter for BlackBerry smartphone


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